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Automatic Wash System Cleaners

TY-SPRAY MAXIMUM POWDER is our chemistry that is designed for spray cabinets and automatic wash systems. Also, for automatic liquid feed systems, we offer the following: TY-C2000, TY Spray Electra-Kleen, and Bio-Spray 3030.

  • Safe on multiple metal surfaces including aluminum and alloys.
  • Safe on most painted surfaces, plastic or rubber parts.
  • Attacks and destroys carbon, heavy grease, lube oils and soils.
  • Controls foam build up at warm operating temperatures above 135° F.
  • Built in rust inhibitors to prevent flash rusting.
  • Rinses freely with water to provide a residue free part.

For use in spray cabinets and automatic wash systems for cleaning parts and equipment where a residue free surface is required.

Our focus on in-house formulation allows us to provide products that deliver performace and versatility that are hard to find elsewhere.

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