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Through a partnership with Alcola Solutions Group, ASAS/Tysol, Inc. provides a full line of release agents specially formulated for use in the wood product industry. These industrial cleaning agents are highly concentrated; water soluble, fatty-acid formulations developed for the oriented strand board and particle board where a high concentration of the MDI resins are used. They can also be used in the paper overlay process. These products when diluted are usually sprayed on the substrate being treated, for example: the wood board face; screens, and/or press plate.

Our industrial cleaning agents for the wood products industry are non-corrosive and will not harm equipment or machinery. The release agent process provides a clean release, even in high-temperature, high-pressure processing applications. Our wood products are available in four different formulations/concentrations to meet the unique needs of this industry.

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Our focus on in-house formulation allows us to provide products that deliver performace and versatility that are hard to find elsewhere.

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