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Premium Lubrication Products


ASAS/Tysol, Inc. manufactures some of the industry’s best lubricants and related chemicals. Our lubricants are specially formulated to provide superior performance in any application.

Our inventory of lubricants includes:

  • Vacuum Pump Oil: This petroleum-based lubricant is ideal for both electric or gas-powered pumps. Frequently used in dairy farm milking machines, auto garages, and other applications, its unique formulation can help extend the working life of your vacuum pump.
  • Con Lube 505: Soap based detergent and lubricant is specifically designed to lubricate conveyor chains and metallic conveyor belts. Commonly used in food and beverage processing plants, Con Lube 505 provides both exceptional lubrication and powerful soil elimination.

We also manufacture many formulations not listed here. If you need help finding the ideal product for your specific application, feel free to contact us for assistance.

Request a quote on the lubricants your application requires, or contact us for more information on any of our top quality chemicals and cleaning agents.

Vacuum Pump Oil
Vacuum Pump Oil
Con Lube
Con Lube

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