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Commuter Toilet Cleaners

Commuter Toilet Cleaners

ENVIRO-FLUSH TY-3010 (Winter) is a liquid ready-to-use winter toilet activator providing freeze protection to -25° F. TY-3050/SC (Summer) is our ready-to-use liquid summer toilet activator. No dilution is required. Also provides freeze protection to 29° F for outside storage during spring and fall. Both of our products are formulated for use in commuter car toilets to attack solids and neutralize odors where high volume commuter traffic is present on a daily basis.

  • Safe on multiple metal surfaces, non-corroding formula.
  • Completely biodegradable, safe for disposal in sewage treatment plants.
  • Non-staining and ultra violet safe blue dye.
  • 1000 ppm of Quaternary protection to prevent bacteria growth.
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All Clean

Industrial Strength All Purpose Spray and Wipe Cleaner Formulated to provide maximum value and performance for all types of cleaning.

Enviro-Flush TY-3010 Clear

Chemistry designed for Commuter toilets to attack solids and neutralize odors. FORMALDEHYDE FREE

Enviro-Flush TY-3050 SC

Designed for locomotive toilets to attack solids and neutralize odors. FORMALDEHYDE FREE

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