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Odor Control Cleaners

ODOR CONTROL CONCENTRATE – Industrial Strength is our highly concentrated, industrial deodorant with a pleasant, citrus scent. Recommended for waste water plants, lift stations, rendering facilities, ponds and lagoons. Will not harm fish or vegetation. Contains no formaldehyde.

  • Completely biodegradable, safe for use in sewage treatment plants of all designs.
  • Very effective on a wide variety of dairy and food plant odors.
  • Formulated with odor encapsulators as well as a citrus masking fragrance.

Also try our ODOR ELIMINATOR – Formulated to remove odors without the use of masking agents.

  • Contains no fragrances or masking agents.
  • Eliminates offensive odors completely through an encapsulation process.
  • Ideal for applications where odor elimination is important.
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