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Asphalt Remover

Asphalt Remover is a premium quality, no-VOC, biodegradable solution for replacing conventional solvents in tough cleaning applications.  Our Asphalt Remover can be used undiluted in parts washers as you would for Stoddard solvent or mineral spirits. No heating is required. Asphalt Remover can be applied directly on surfaces undiluted with a spray gun or placed in a dip tank. Allow the part to sit for 5 to 7 minutes then rinse with water.

  • Safe on multiple surfaces, including steel, copper, aluminum, plastic, rubber and painted parts.
  • Non-VOC by CARB definition per ASTM D1298. No citrus extracts.
  • Highly effective in the removal of asphalt, cosmoline transit coatings or heavy grease residues on parts, equipment or other surfaces.
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Cosmoline and Asphalt Remover

Chemistry designed for top performance and environmental compliance. Rinses clean with water.

Tar Buster

Chemistry designed for top performance, consumer safety, and environmental compliance. Rinses clean with water.

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