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De-Icing Chemicals

ASAS/Tysol, Inc., provides an array of de-icing products to help melt away snow and ice. We offer both liquid and pellet ice removers that work up to five times faster than rock salt and other de-icers and are safe on asphalt, concrete, and other surfaces when used in recommended amounts.

ASAS/Tysol’s proprietary de-icers are formulated for outstanding performance and will help save time and reduce equipment use in snow and ice removal. Our calcium chloride de-icer can melt snow and ice in temperatures as low as -25°F. Our magnesium chloride pellets provide melting power to -20°F and offer excellent rinsabilty when washing away excess product. Our Premier ice melt contains no chlorides, is corrosive free and environmentally safe, and can melt ice and snow at temps down to -70°F. It is also an effective ice inhibitor that can be used to prevent ice buildup on parking lots, sidewalks, airplanes, and more.

We also offer many more products not listed here. If you need help finding the right de-icer for your application, please contact us for assistance.

Request a quote today on the de-icers you need, or contact ASAS/Tysol for more information.

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